Visit our booth at PCIM EUROPE in Nürnberg, Germany!

We at Vincotech believe in cooperation and developing the projects together. We empower your ideas. With Vincotech’s long industry experience and innovations, we can make your vision come true.

OUR BOOTH: hot topics, innovations and donations

GaN technology New customized solution Spread your wings Donation

What’s the hot topic in the industry? It’s GaN, isn’t it!
If you want to see how the GaN technology benefits an industrial power module package, come and take a look at it at our booth.

Besides the newest technology our focus this year is customization.
For some designs, the standard package is just not enough. We present one customized solution right there at PCIM and it’s a big one!

Like in previous years, we team up with Plan International for a good cause.
If you are not afraid of spreading your wings, you can help us making the donation.

Partner up with Vincotech and discover what it means to have more choices.

Getting the most out of your applications is tricky. Balancing between the maximum performance and the minimum cost requires taking a good look at all alternatives.

Whether it is with Motion control, Renewables or Power supply, we find a solution.


Embedded Drives Industrial Drives DC Chargers Solar & ESS VINcoSIM live

➤ Think integrated with Embedded Drives:
Find out the possibilities the current-synthesizing PFCs and 3-phase PFCs with inverter stage can offer
Learn more

➤ Industrial Drives Power Module Solutions:
Make performance improvements using Tandem Diodes power modules
Learn more

➤ Charging the future:
Vincotech is the go-to partner for DC charger power module solutions
Learn more

➤ Extensive Solar & ESS product families:
For residential, commercial and utility applications
Learn more

➤ Find the perfect match for your design at the show:
With our web-based VINcoSIM simulation environment
Get your own access here


GaN SiC EDA Tools Elevator Drive Applications flow E3 Direct Pressed Substrate
Tuesday, June 11
11:15 - 11:35 Exhibitor stage
Hall 9 - booth 642

Title: "Utilization of GaN Technology in Industrial Power Module Packages"

Presenter: David Chilachava
Wednesday, June 12
11:20 Bodo's discussion panel, Technology stage
Hall 7 - booth 743

Title: "Deep SiC performance understanding meets an optimal power module design"

Presenter: Evangelos Theodossiu
14:30 PCIM Conference
Stage: Athen

Title: "Optimising a Power Module for Electrical and Thermal Performance and Symmetry Using EDA Tools"

Joint presentation with Siemens
Thursday, June 13
11:15 - 12:45 PCIM Conference, Poster presentations

Title: "Power Module Solutions with Improved Reliability for Elevator Drive Applications"

Presenter: Tiago Jappe
14:35 Exhibitor forum

Title: "flow E3 Full SiC Power Module with Direct Pressed Substrate for Superior Thermal Performance and Reliability"

Presenter: Matthias Tauer

our online simulation tool VINcoSIM

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3Run your simulation online
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Why use VINcoSIM?

  • It is accurate
    We use real measurement data, all topologies are available, heatsink option is included.
  • It is fast and complete
    The procedure takes only seconds and the results reveal a lot of data in one glance.
  • It is easy to use
    Only 1 configuration step is needed, flexible options for your needs, no downloading necessary, no cost.


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