Thank you for visiting our booth at PCIM EUROPE in Nürnberg, Germany!

We hope you enjoyed our showcase of solar, embedded drives, motion control and EV charger applications.

And with VINcoSIM, the simulation tool, you had a chance to match a power module to fit your application right there at our booth.

We are looking forward to seeing you again in this year’s meetings and events.
At PCIM 2025 at the latest!

OUR BOOTH at PCIM 2024: hot topics, innovations and donations

GaN technology New customized solution VR experience Spread your wings Donation

GaN technology - new product : fastPACK 1 GaN 2-in-1

Customization - new solution : for SEW-EURODRIVE, showcased with a station.

Donation - VR experience with real world benefit : by flying over the mountains, visitors challenged themselves and supported a greater good: a Plan International project for teenagers in Ecuador.



Good Memories 2024


Embedded Drives Industrial Drives DC Chargers Solar & ESS VINcoSIM live

➤ Think integrated with Embedded Drives:
The possibilities the current-synthesizing PFCs and 3-phase PFCs with inverter stage can offer
Learn more

➤ Industrial Drives Power Module Solutions:
Performance improvements using Tandem Diodes power modules
Learn more

➤ Charging the future:
Vincotech is the go-to partner for DC charger power module solutions
Learn more

➤ Extensive Solar & ESS product families:
For residential, commercial and utility applications
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➤ Find the perfect match for your design at the show:
With our web-based VINcoSIM simulation environment
Get your own access here


Embedded Drives Industrial Drives DC Chargers Solar & ESS Heatpumps

Embedded Designs Drive Tomorrow’s Solutions

Energy-efficient and cost-effective solutions from Vincotech.

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Vincotech Motion Control Solutions

Discover the benefits of tandem diodes in sixpack topology.

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Charging the Future

Charging infrastructure is the backbone of e-mobility, and the world is going to need a lot more of it in the near future.

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Getting to a Cleaner Future

Renewable power is the key to a cleaner future, and solar energy is leading the way.

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Cool solutions for hot applications

Achieving energy efficiency for heat pumps with Vincotech.

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